Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Travel Adventures

It's after 10:00 pm,
and strains of tropical-sounding music mix with static
and echo through my bedroom.

Because I'm on hold with a travel agent.

Because Sam is en route to New Haven, Connecticut
to interview at Yale
and his flight from Philadelphia to New Haven got cancelled due to weather.

And there are no flights from Philadelphia to New Haven until tomorrow at 2:00 pm.
And his interviews are all day tomorrow beginning at 10 am.

And after we spent hours researching other possibilities,
he took a train from the Philadelphia airport to another train station
and is waiting for another train, which will arrive shortly after midnight,
and put him in Connecticut around 4:30 am.

And then a taxi will take him to his hotel,
where he'll quickly shower and get ready for a full day of intense interviews
after a night of no sleep.

Just a wee bit stressful, eh?
I said to Sam, "I'm so, so sorry this happened! What a terrible thing to have happen!"
His response?
He just chuckled and said, "It's kind of fun, actually. It makes it an adventure!"

I hope that's the end of the "adventures" for tonight.
My 15-year-old sister flies into Houston at midnight for 6 days of fun!
Talmage was so excited to get to pick her up in the middle of the night that he even told the checker at the grocery store all about it.
It's my sister's first time flying since she was a 9 month old baby,
and she was brave enough to do it alone.
I hope her trip was far less eventful!


  1. That is divine intervention so he will bomb his interviews and you will be forced back to UT. ;)

  2. HAHAHA!!! Well, we should know by the end of the month...Sam interviews in Pittsburgh next week and Salt Lake the following! He told Yale he could give them a decision in 2 weeks.

  3. Opposition always happens right before you decide to move 7 hours away from your older sister. The east coast needs more White blood in it (in a very non-racist way...)


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