Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stay Far Away

The other day I was making rolls,
and I had the dough spread out all along the counter.

Wesley climbed on a stool and kept putting his fingers about a millimeter above the dough
while claiming repeatedly, "I'm not going to touch it! I'm not going to touch it, Mommy!
I'm just doing THIS!"

Guess what?
He touched it.

The parallel is obvious,
but it got me thinking about temptations
and how sometimes we want to figuratively sit with our fingers just above the dough
when we really ought to get down and go play with something else.

When we toy with temptation,
when we see how close to the edge we can get without falling in,
we head down a very slippery slope.
But if we stay far away from the edge
and focus on all the beauty we get to enjoy within the safety of the bounds God has set,
we increase in joy, in self-mastery, in discipline,
and ultimately, in freedom.

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