Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Job as a Gorilla

When Sam got home from his mission, he signed up with a temp agency
to work during the few months before he started college at BYU.
One of the jobs he was given was to dress in a gorilla suit
and visit different businesses,
silently handing them a box of fruit from the company he worked for.
I think the whole thing was some sort of advertising promotion,
or maybe an invitation to a conference or event.

Can you imagine?!

Sam is 6'4", and pretty much everyone who saw him was terrified.
After one frightened secretary asked if the box contained a bomb,
he began violating the rule to not speak and explaining the little he knew in his muffled, gorilla-covered voice.

Those who know Sam can get additional enjoyment from this story
by thinking of his very mature, responsible, stable personality
morphing into a package-delivering gorilla.

Needless to say, it wasn't his favorite job in the world
and he was very relieved when he was moved to something else.

The past few months have been filled with research about post-doctoral fellowships,
cost-of-living, weather, crime rates, academic programs, and lots of professors.
Our possibilities are gradually narrowing down and it's a rather exciting process!
Sam's set to defend his thesis at the end of August.

Yesterday he spoke with a professor from Columbia University.
They're interested in having Sam do his fellowship there.
After talking it over, we decided the program isn't quite what we're looking for,
but for a while I entertained thoughts of our conservative little family living in New York City!

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