Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring Recital 2014

When my parents were fairly newly married,
my dad made the comment that he wanted his daughters to fill his home with beautiful music.
My mom took his comment to heart and saw that we were involved in piano lessons.
When my older brother started complaining that the girls had no equivalent
to his requirement to receive his Eagle Scout award before getting his driver's license,
the rule was put into place that we had to be able to play all the hymns in our church hymnbook
before we could get our driver's license.

I wasn't always the most willing participant in learning to play the piano,
but it has blessed my life so much!
In addition to the service opportunities it provides and the personal joy it brings,
it has been a great source of additional income to our family during these grad school years.

So, again, thank you Mom and Dad for seeing to it that I learned to play the piano.

I was so proud of my little troop of 15 piano students
as they performed in our spring recital.
It's amazing to see how far they have come!
I love watching their nervous energy as they come to perform
and the look of satisfaction and relief on their faces as they finish their songs.

On the menu for our brunch beforehand:
-fresh fruit bruschetta with orange-honey cream
-stuffed brunch rolls
-chili-cheese souffle
-cinnamon rolls
-cantaloupe and watermelon
-yogurt parfaits
-peanut butter sheet cookies
-Grandma's famous chocolate sheet cake

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