Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweet and Awkward

Today I was talking with a friend
and recalled an incident that occurred when Sam and I were just beginning to date.
He enjoyed visiting a nursing home each week,
and as we got to know one another he invited me to come along.
As we walked down the hall,
a gentleman walked up to us,
looked me up and down,
and inquired,
"Is she your sister or your wife?"

What a predicament!
We weren't officially dating yet, so he couldn't say I was his girlfriend.
And if he said I was his friend, that might send me the wrong message.
In the brief moments that the question hung in the air,
I felt the awkwardness of the situation
and was simultaneously deeply curious to hear his response.

"She is..." he began, and then looked down at me with a smile.
"...a really great person that I really, really like."

And then I melted.
Goodness, I love that boy!

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