Thursday, April 24, 2014

Synergistic Veggies

Today I was chopping veggies for dinner.
As I sliced squash, zucchini, red peppers, and onions,
I marveled at the beauty and bounty before me that the Lord provided
through this incredible earth.

And then I began thinking about synergy.

Sam has this book he loves called The 3rd Alternative.
The basic idea is that instead of compromising
when we have differing viewpoints, we can find a third solution that is better for both of us.
Instead of both parties sacrificing a portion of their desires,
they come to a solution that satisfies all of their desires and then some.

One thing I didn't know about Sam when we got married
was how health-conscious he was.
As a cancer scientist, he has strong views about the types of foods we should eat
and those we should avoid.
I remember one day shortly after we got married
when I pulled out a box of my very most favorite cereal.
I said something like, "I know you don't want to eat this but I'm just going to, okay?"
He said playfully, "Well, it's good that when you die from cancer the preservatives will keep you from turning black!"
(He can't believe he said that now, but it was honestly all in good fun.)
Needless to say, I reluctantly threw the cereal in the trash.

And at first, I felt like we had opposing views--
he wanted wholesome and nutritious (regardless of taste),
and I was focused on what tasted good.

But then I learned about this lurking "third alternative"
in food that was both nutritious and delicious
(and beautiful as a bonus!).
I learned about the transforming abilities of
olive oil, feta cheese, kosher salt,
avocado, fresh lime juice, cilantro,
roasted almonds, sweet potatoes, basil, and black beans.

I became a better cook,
our eating habits changed for the better,
and we both thoroughly enjoyed our new meals.

It's interesting to try to find other "third alternatives"
in our interactions with others when disagreements arise.

Sam once told me he likes to disagree because it helps us learn from one another.
But then, he's a little crazy. ;)

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