Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Daddy Games

Sniggle Wiggle
1. Hold a boy upside-down by his feet.
2. Walk around declaring, "I have a sniggle wiggle! I have a sniggle wiggle!"
3. As you approach a family member ask, "Will you tickle my sniggle wiggle?"
4. Cling to writhing boy's ankles as family member tickles to their heart's content.

1. Stand against the wall with your eyes closed and your arms held out from your sides a bit.
2. Say very soberly and quietly with a deep voice, "Rock."
3. Freeze in place for several seconds (feel free to build suspense here) and then slowly walk toward boys with arms outstretched and eyes closed.
4. Block their attempts to get away and tickle them.
*Note: "Confused rock" encourages even greater shouts of laughter as you wander aimlessly about the house before suddenly swerving to tickle said boys.

Battering Ram
1. Hold a child horizontally in your arms.
2. While swinging back and forth say, "1...2...3...Battering Ram!!!"
3. On "Battering Ram," toss child onto a soft surface.

Lincoln Chase
1. Hold baby Lincoln in your outstretched arms.
2. Chase boys around the house exclaiming, "Lincoln chase, Lincoln chase, Lincoln chaaaaase!"
3. Tag boys with Lincoln and tickle. Try not to smash the baby in the process.

Horsey Rides
1. While holding boys, trounce properly around the room singing, "This is the way the lady rides, clippity-clop, clippity-clop, clippity-clop."
2. Increase to a skip and sing, "This is the way the gentleman rides, gallop-a-trot, gallop-a-trot, gallop-a-trot."
3. Jump around the room, throwing a child up into the air repeatedly as you sing, "This is the way the cowboy rides, giddy-up giddy-yah, giddy-up giddy-yah, giddy-up giddy-YAH!!!!"
4. Repeat until you collapse. Then play "Rock" some more to catch your breath (see above).

Find a Funny Hat
1. Say dramatically, "1...2...3...FIND A FUNNY HAT!"
2. All participants grab a nearby object and hold it on top of their heads while laughing hysterically.
3. Repeat. A lot.

1. Does this really warrant instructions?

And then wonder why there is so much crying when playtime comes to an end.


  1. So cute! These are awesome games. I agree with Breanne in saying that Sniggle Wiggle is my favorite. :)


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