Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Vote, Vote, Vote!

This has been the strangest winter we've seen in the 4 1/2 years we've lived in Houston.
The weather has gone back and forth from temperatures in the 80s to those in the 30s.
A few days ago we were feeling the beginnings of the hot, humid summers
we experience each year. 
And then today we ventured out into the 37 degree air with rain pouring down.

After visiting 3 different locations due to some misunderstandings, 
nursing the baby in the car,
and walking through the rain,
we finally traipsed into the high school designated for our precinct to vote.
As we dripped and squeaked our way into the gym,
me juggling Lincoln in his carseat, my purse, and an umbrella
and attempting to keep hold of Wesley's hand and keep Talmage walking close,
the group administering over the voting stared and one woman said,
"You came out in THIS weather with THREE KIDS? You deserve an award!"

But really, isn't voting an award in and of itself?
I am so thankful we have the privilege to have a say in our government.
Today I had the opportunity to cast my vote in favor of religious freedom.
I had the chance to express my opinions regarding healthcare, taxes, and gun control.
And after studying candidates, I was able to select those I thought would lead our state and nation with the best judgment.

I think of those who gave their lives to preserve this freedom.
And I think of what my children have learned as I've explained the concept of voting to them
and why it is important.
And then I think of a little bit of cold weather and frizzy hair because of rain
and the difficulty of corralling kids as I sit at the voting booth
and I feel so incredibly thankful that I get to experience it all.

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