Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Friend Bobbie

Yesterday we got to visit our sweet friend Bobbie.
She is a darling woman who lives in a nursing home
a few miles away from us.

She is sort of like a substitute great-grandma for our kids,
since theirs have all either passed away or live in Utah.
We took her a bag of cookies and she proceeded to give almost every last one
to Talmage and Wesley with their eager, outstretched hands ready to snatch each morsel.
Each time we tried to end the cookie consumption,
her stubborn kindness ruled over our parental concern
and more cookies were devoured as she asked, "Will it hurt 'im?"
One of the boys' favorite things in her room is the contraption she has to help her pick things up. They gladly take turns pinching whatever may be on the floor and lifting it into the air.
We love Bobbie and her candid conversation, ready smile, and love of children.

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