Friday, January 31, 2014


This morning was pure bliss.

After Lincoln's early-morning feeding, I caught up on laundry and a bit of housework before the stirrings of everyone else rustled through the household.
Talmage climbed gaily up the stairs when he awoke and came in to entertain Lincoln, who was enjoying tummy time on his blanket. He giggled repeatedly as he played with him.
Sam had been up until the wee hours of the morning working on a project, so he stayed home a bit longer than usual in the morning and we enjoyed a breakfast of pear-blackberry smoothies, homemade waffles, and fresh buttermilk syrup together.
After Sam left for work, I cleaned and organized while Talmage and Wesley played together and Lincoln napped. Soon there were Tinkertoys spread all through the house and the boys flew their bird-like creations all around, accompanied by their gleeful laughter.
I opened the webcam application on my laptop and rounded up all three boys for a picture or two to send their Daddy with a note to brighten his morning. We all laughed as we experimented with different settings and warped our faces on the screen.
I planned my Valentine's Day surprises and ordered a 1-cent used book from our beloved as a gift for Sam.
Mid-morning came and I whipped up some chocolate pudding for snack time. We read Little Bear while the pudding cooled and then enjoyed it around the table as I continued to read.
And then my little troop and I went together to the playroom to pass the time until lunch.

As I reflect, it was really very simple.
Perhaps to some, it would be mundane.
But moments like these are just what I always imagined my life as a mother would be like.

And to me, it is more than satisfactory--it is plain and simple joy.

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