Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kids are Funny

Our couch eats things.
No, really, things fall down inside the frame of the couch through the seam at the back.
Talmage recently discovered this fact and began cramming his 4-year-old hands
into the crack and discovering all sorts of things.

He calls it "treasure hunting."

He has found many long-lost little cars, pencils, bobby pins, and even an earring I lost a couple of years ago. One of his recent finds was a little rooster magnet that is part of a magnetic farm set my mom gave him over 2 years ago, when she came to visit after Wesley was born.

After he found the tiny magnet, he began asking if he could call "Grammy"
to tell her thanks for giving him the magnet.
It was still rather early in Utah
and we still had lots to do to get ready for the day,
so, being the mean mom I am, I said no.

A huge tantrum ensued and he began crying and wailing.
After the crying subsided, he followed me around moping and whimpering.
Finally, after several attempts to console him, I told him he needed to go into his room and play and find something to do that would make him happy.

He dramatically wailed, "How can I be happy?? Saying THANK YOU is what makes me happy! That is what puts a smile on my face!"

Needless to say, he was very relieved when we called my mom that afternoon
and he was granted the wonderful privilege of expressing his gratitude.
Oh, how I love my sensitive boy.

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