Monday, February 17, 2014

Best Friends

This morning was pretty ordinary.
I was cleaning the bathroom when suddenly
a squabble broke out over the bathroom scale.
Before I could intervene, Wesley had bitten Talmage's back,
leaving a huge imprint and causing a great deal of shrieking and crying.

Exasperated, I took Wesley, showed him the bite marks,
talked to him about not biting,
and then put him in his chair for a bit of time out.

He was, understandably, not very happy about the state of things.
That's when Talmage came up to me and asked,
"Mommy, can I give Wesley a toy so he won't be sad?"
"No, he's in time out right now, so we just need to leave him alone."
"But please, Mom? Can I play with him and make him happy?"
"Well..."(what a predicament!)"...okay."
"Thanks, Mom!"

He and Wesley sat at the table and played together for the duration of the time out. And you know, I think Wesley learned his lesson even better that way.

They certainly fight
(sometimes all day long),
but when I ask who their best friend is,
they always respond with each other's names.

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