Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Climbing Escapades

This innocent-looking guy is still quite the climber. He is so strong and can get around almost any obstacle! His climbing hasn't slowed any as he has gotten older, but it has gotten a bit less scary since he has so much more muscle control now.

Lately his favorite place to climb is into the kitchen sink to play with the water, which results in a boy who is almost always wet. He just grabs the side of the counter and climbs straight up like a rock climber!

And then he gives me a look like this--seriously? Could he look any more mischievous???

It does, however, allow me to work in the kitchen in peace. So when it's controlled, I don't mind him playing in there.

It just makes him so happy!

On this day he climbed on the counter while I was using the restroom and I came out to find him poking holes in all of the muffins.

I have to be really careful to never leave any knives sitting on the counter while I cook because he is very quick to grab them and hold them up declaring, "Ouchie! Ouchie!"

And sadly, the days of letting him play out on the balcony while I teach piano lessons or make dinner are over as well. He climbs up the railing! It is so crazy to watch him grab the top, which is well above his head, and plant his feet on the rails as he hoists himself upwards. We want to avoid any 2-story falls, so balcony play now requires constant supervision.

Splash Pad

Last week I took the boys to the Splash Pad around the corner from our house for the first time this year. This was Wesley's first time since he was a baby, so he could actually enjoy the cold water this time. The poor little guy had a girl slip and fall into him, making him face plant on the concrete at the beginning of our visit. Then about halfway through someone threw a frisbee and it happened to nail him in the side of the head. And at the end of our time there, he was running to go see a dog and slipped and fell smack on the back of his head on the concrete! He had a pretty good goose egg and bruise back there. But even with all of his accident-prone trauma, he had a great time and can't stop talking about the "spash pad." Here are some pictures of the fun!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

25 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks along with this pregnancy--almost to the third trimester! This pregnancy has been a lot more difficult in many ways than my first two. But as I told Sam the other night, I am always amazed that a person is capable of growing a human being inside of their body and still being even remotely functional. While a tumor mere centimeters across can kill a person, we are able to grow a human being from 1 cell into a being weighing 8 pounds and measuring almost 2 feet long without extremely serious medical difficulties (for the most part). It truly is an incredible miracle I am grateful to be able to be part of!

This little guy has the same active period his brothers had (8-10 pm). His kicks are pretty powerful, and are all over my abdomen; I don't think he's flipped yet. We haven't talked a whole lot about names yet, but we'll get it figured out! I periodically have these daydreams of three little boys frolicking around our imaginary future home--the dreams include visions of a tree house with a tire swing, creations made from the wood scrap pile, fishing in ponds, tinkering with old machinery parts, camping trips, and the list goes on. Thoughts of our delightful little duo becoming a threesome are so happy! I loved growing up with 4 sisters, and I hope our boys will be the best of friends.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Visit to the Nursery

A couple of weeks ago we made a little visit to a local nursery. I am so enchanted by this place! It's run by Asians, and watching all of the gardeners walking around in their broad, cone-shaped straw hats is fascinating. I just breathe in all of the deep fragrances around me and daydream of having a beautiful backyard retreat someday. This nursery has amazingly low prices ($4.99 for hanging baskets, $2.99 for the basil we purchased, $14.99 for trees, etc.) that tempt me even though we're just renting!

The boys loved riding on the wagon and seeing all of the plants, but the fish pond was their favorite!

Talmage was (and still is) the official basil caretaker. He loves watering it!

This tree was my favorite. Doesn't it look like it came from Narnia?

Our basil has been growing like crazy, so we have loved using it in dinners! It was a pretty nice size when we bought it (in the picture), but we'll have to put it in a new pot soon! Talmage likes eating the leaves straight. I'm sure much of that is due to the fact that he takes care of it. :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bristle Block Creations

Talmage is turning into quite the little builder! I've mentioned before how much he loves his bristle blocks. Here are a few of his recent creations:

This is the hospital where Daddy works with "Daddy's van" in front of it (Sam rides a vanpool to work). I was amazed with the architectural interest and symmetry of the hospital!

This one is a temple. It actually resembles the Houston temple quite a bit.

Here is a limo. All of the cars and trucks he comes up with have very distinct differences to make it obvious what they are. (At least, obvious to his mom!)

And this one makes me laugh so much! This is our family. I was impressed with how well he symbolically represented the gender differences. I also think Wesley is hilarious! Especially since he's not all that much smaller than Talmage! 

And by the way...I wrote up a timeline of projects I want to get done before the baby is born, and one thing I'm trying to do this month is get all caught up on blogging. That means I've been working on filling in the gap from when I stopped blogging for a few months. So if you're interested, everything posted in August 2012 is new and if you want to keep up with it, just watch the sidebar.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easter Festivities

We had some fun Easter egg hunts this year! I'm wanting to start more family traditions around Easter time that focus on Christ's last week of life. In Texas, the kids even have Good Friday off of school, and I only recently realized what Good Friday even was about! So many Christian religions celebrate Easter on more than just Easter Sunday, and I would love to incorporate some of those same elements into our family's celebrations. So if any of you know of any great Christ-centered Easter traditions, please share!

On the Friday before Easter, we gathered with some church friends and had an Easter egg hunt at a friend's home. Everyone brought some eggs and we hid them all over their property and turned the kids loose. Wesley caught on fast and loved gathering the eggs!

Afterwards, we all had a little picnic together.

The kids came home and had naps, and then it was off to the nursing home down the street! A woman we know lives there and had invited us to come for their Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, she was not feeling well enough to get out of bed when I took the boys, but she wanted us to take part in the egg hunt anyway. They had several activities going on, one of which was face painting. Talmage was hilarious to watch as his face was painted.

He sat perfectly still and looked as if he was having surgery performed rather than a little bit of paint applied!

He certainly made a cute little Easter bunny!

Their egg hunt was pretty awesome! There were maybe 30 kids there and probably about 1000 eggs spread around. So both boys got heaping baskets full!

Wesley was less into gathering here and just wanted to hang onto two eggs and walk around, shaking them.

Talmage was not in a picture taking mood all day.

A big Easter bunny was even walking around for pictures!

Saturday morning, the boys got to find their hidden baskets, which had a smattering of candy and lots of new BOOKS in them! There is almost nothing more exciting to my boys than a pile of new books. We attempted making "empty tomb cookies" that night, but Mommy had a pregnancy-brain moment and they didn't turn out the way they should have. We had a lovely time discussing the Easter story as a family on Sunday and having the missionaries over for dinner. All in all, it was a wonderful Easter!

As a mother, I reflect more and more on how the Atonement unites our family and binds us together. Those truths mean so much more to me now that I am faced with the responsibility and privilege of raising these precious spirits. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and His sacred mission!
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