Tuesday, January 15, 2013

San Antonio Anniversary

I had big plans for our anniversary this year. I found out that the lights along the riverwalk in San Antonio are pretty neat, and I started thinking about us taking a day trip there. I had everything planned--we would go to the San Antonio temple and do sealings, go to lunch with a gift card I had been saving since my June birthday, ride bikes along the San Antonio mission trail and tour some missions, and end with the lights along the riverwalk before heading home. We even had a gift card to use for gas! I arranged babysitters for the boys, made and packed food for the day, and early the morning of the 27th we were off.

But almost everything went awry! We joked that it was actually a great way to celebrate our wedding, because we had so many mishaps on that day as well (not the least of which was the engine on Sam's car going out in the temple parking lot just prior to our sealing!). It gave us an opportunity to laugh about things and just kind of roll with the punches.

First, the temple was closing just as we arrived in San Antonio and would not open again until the evening, when it was too late for us to go. Apparently since it is a small temple it has unusual hours. Then Outback Steakhouse, where we stopped for lunch, was also closed--I guess they are only open for dinner? I didn't even think to check, as I just assumed they had a lunch menu. After encountering horrible traffic on the way to downtown San Antonio due to construction, we finally made it there but the weather was so cold (strange given where we were) that there was no way we wanted to ride our bikes 10 miles or so. So we drove around trying to find a place to park and finally decided to just go tour the Alamo. And wouldn't you know it, the place was packed! The line went all the way around the Alamo and down the road. We decided to brave the cold and wait in line, and we did have a good time inside and looking around the museum.

Sam didn't want to bother with changing out of our Sunday clothes when we decided to forgo the bike ride, so we just walked around dressed up.

Since we needed to go back to Outback for dinner, and there wasn't one downtown, our only opportunity to see the Riverwalk was that afternoon. So much for seeing the lights! It was pretty nonetheless.

After we were sufficiently frozen (have I really turned into such a cold-weather wimp since leaving Utah?), we hopped back in the car and battled the traffic back to Outback. After turning around a few times trying to find it, we were finally inside and enjoyed a lovely anniversary dinner before heading back to Pearland to pick up our boys.

It's true that the day didn't go according to plan, but we still had a wonderful time together. We both commented on how the 6+ hours in the car were probably the best part just because of the nice, relaxing, uniterrupted conversations we were able to enjoy. So it was definitely a worthwhile trip and a marvelous 4th anniversary. I can't wait to celebrate many, many more with this incredible man!

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