Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back to the Blogging World--A Visit from Aunt Losaunne

After my very, very long break from blogging I will jump back into it with a very, very long and very, very old post detailing Aunt Losaunne's visit last June. (And for those who care, I plan to post new and old events simultaneously on the blog until I'm caught up. I'll be putting on older dates, though, so if you want to see older events you will have to watch the sidebar.)

The first full day she was with us, we went to Hermann Park. This is one of Houston's main parks in the Medical Center.

The ducks were out, but we were unprepared and didn't bring bread! We made do with the unwanted crusts of Talmage's sandwich.

We walked through some Japanese gardens...

...and then we were off to Discovery Green in Downtown Houston. They have over 400 events per year there, most of them free. I saw that the Berenstein Bears were coming to a special storytime and thought it would be fun, especially considering how into Brother and Sister Bear Losaunne and I were as kids. We were disappointed to find out when we got there that storytime had only lasted a few minutes and the bears were inside (way too hot outside for those costumes!). There was a huge line wrapping around the building to go in and get a picture with them, but we decided since we had made the trip we might as well stick around. It was so worth it, seeing as how Talmage was thankful in his prayers for months that he could go see the bears. :)

The next day was my birthday! We had such a fun celebration at the beach.

Talmage and Losaunne made me a birthday cake! (Sorry it's sideways)

Too bad Wesley was crying. :(

That night Losaunne treated us to dinner at Gringo's, a fabulous Tex-Mex restaurant that started here in Pearland. All in all, it was a pretty amazing birthday!

The next day we decided to go see the Museum District. We should have known we were in for adventures when Talmage started the day by accidentally dumping his green smoothie all over his head. Losaunne and I laughed until we cried and then finally composed ourselves enough to get it cleaned up.

I love his face.

We first tried to visit the Byzantine Fresco Museum, a neat place housing an original fresco painting from Cyprus. Some thieves stole it from Cyprus and broke it into pieces. An organization in Houston purchased the pieces and reassembled them in a neat phantom-like replica of the original basilica it was in. We sadly discovered upon arrival that the fresco had been returned to Cyprus earlier in the year and the museum was closed. So it was on to the Holocaust Museum, which is always a bit of a sobering experience, albeit a good one.

After that we headed to the Health Museum!

The 3D movie was pretty intense.

After our time there, we decided to go to free day at the Children's Museum next door. When we walked and walked and walked and walked and still couldn't see the end of the line of people waiting to get in, we decided it would be far too packed inside to make it worth our time and set off to find the Museum of Fine Arts. But try as we might, all we could find was the parking garage for the museum! We walked up and down streets and back and forth until we were all a bit exhausted and gave it up. Even Losaunne's trusty iPhone couldn't help us find the front entrance.

So we stopped for a rest at some fountains and let the boys play for a while.

I love all of Baby-Wesley's smiles, so here are lots!

We finally called it a day and drug the boys back to the car, napless Talmage having a meltdown all the while.

But after some sleep we were all ready for the next day of fun! Our car was broken down, so each day we would take Sam to work in the Medical Center, proceed with our adventures, and pick him up in the evening. Breakfast in the car was a common occurrence.

We headed to the Galleria, a place right up Losaunne's alley (because she's so fashionable) and where I feel like a very frumpy mom. :) A fun mall, nonetheless. After our fun there, we went to Sprinkles cupcakes, which I've mentioned previously in a blog post. It's a fancy cupcake place frequented by celebrities, and they have secret code words they post on their Facebook page which you can whisper to get free cupcakes. It's always a fun experience to discreetly walk up to the counter and respond to their friendly, "Can I help you?" with a strange phrase. Even Talmage got to say it and enjoy his free cupcake!

That afternoon we visited my grandparents, who were serving their mission in East Houston. Then that evening we picked up dinner at Whole Foods and headed to Miller Outdoor Theater! This is a neat part of Hermann Park that has an outdoor ampitheater and multiple times per week throughout the spring/summer/fall there are free performances to go see. This week was the symphony! Losaunne said she felt so high class as we visited the Galleria, Sprinkles, Whole Foods, and the Houston Symphony all in one day. :)

The next day we celebrated my birthday with Sam (more to come in a different post) and picked up snowcones from our favorite shack! The following day (Sunday) we went to Church and then drove Losaunne the 3-4 hours to Tyler, TX, where she would be starting her summer internship. We dropped her off but knew we wouldn't be staying away long...my sister Breanne was coming in a few weeks and we had to make a sisters weekend out of it! The exciting details of that visit will follow eventually.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Walking Along Walls

Well, now that Wesley's walking I thought I would post these months-old pictures of him walking along the walls. It was so funny to see such a tiny 6-7 month old baby inching slowly along, flattened against the wall!

(I love the tongue stuck out with concentration)

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