Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Update...Finally

Sorry about that month-and-a-half long hiatus from blogging. But I'm back, and hopefully I can catch up on the many events that have taken place soon! For now, I thought I would do a quick update on each member of our family. Let's do this Christmas letter style, shall we?

Sam in his lab back at BYU 3 years ago

Sam, as would be expected, is busy, busy, busy. He completed his PhD Candidacy exam at the end of last year, and will finish up his PhD in Cancer Biology in the next 2 1/2 to 3 years. After his degree is awarded, he will accept a post-doctoral fellowship somewhere which will last 3-5 years. It seems Boston (Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) would be best for him thus far, but time will tell. After his fellowship, he will most likely take a position as a professor and researcher at a university. Working long hours 6 days per week in conjunction with his calling in the bishopric and other responsibilities means we don't see him much, but he hits the door running to see us and dive into the work of the homefront.

Me and some of my piano students at a recent recital

(Kaitlyn) think my life right now could pretty much be summed up with the word "kids." And I love it! I'm home with our two boys, teach piano lessons to more kids, and work in Primary. I had my 23rd birthday last week, and one of my sisters recently visited for a week prior to beginning an internship in Tyler, TX (about 4 hours away). Another of my sisters is visiting in a few weeks on her way home from her 10 months of studying in the Middle East. Add to that the fact that we'll be visiting family in Utah in August, and the heat, humidity, and bugs of Houston's summer become much more tolerable.

Talmage is 2 1/2 and loves people! He is such a social little boy. He has recently decided to abandon the "Mommy" ship and start calling me "Mom," which makes him seem so old in my eyes! He loves anything to do with transportation, science, and especially medical processes. He is incredibly interested in learning about the human body and is fascinated as he accompanies us to dentist and doctor appointments. One of his favorite books is The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body. He loves any book, really, as well as the children's Friend magazine. He also adores Wesley and is a wonderful big brother and helper. The other day I picked Wesley up and Talmage started crying, "Hey! That's MY Wesley-boy! Give it back!" And yesterday Wesley was sitting in his high chair crying as I made dinner and Talmage ran and got him a sippy cup, then brought him a toy, and when he was still crying asked if he could feed him his dinner. He then proceeded to feed Wesley bananas and do silly things to make him laugh. Although they have their moments of contention, they really are each other's best bud. I hope he's always so kind!

Wesley is our little sunshine baby, as I like to say. He will be 8 months tomorrow and is incredibly determined to keep up with Talmage. He started moving all around the floor on his back at 2 months, started crawling on his stomach around 4-5 months, started cruising along the furniture at 6 months, walking along the walls at 7 months, and is starting to stand alone now. The other day I had him try climbing up the stairs and he had it mastered on the first try. I am convinced this is all in an effort to be better able to play with his hero. Talmage can make him laugh harder than anyone else. Wesley loves his food--we go through at least 3 lbs of applesauce per week just by mixing it into his cereal in the morning. He will eat a pile of dinner from the table just about the same size as mine. I am continually amazed at how much he can fit into his little belly. He is almost always hot and often sweaty, so I seldom make him wear shoes, undershirts, or any extra clothing. He also has a knack at making dirty diapers right after I change him. He still has no teeth (I thought one came through a while back, but evidently it was a fluke), but he doesn't let that hinder him much. He is extremely quick to smile but also has an impressive set of lungs for screaming when he is upset.

I guess this is where one would normally include something about wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, but I'll just conclude by saying that we feel incredibly blessed and are extremely happy with life. Watch for updates (if you'd like), as I'm sure I'll be posting a lot until I'm caught up!

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  1. SO glad you finally posted. I can't tell you how many days I checked your blog and was disappointed by the lack of anything new.

    I think Wesley eats as much food as you because you hardly eat anything. And I'm so glad to hear he's taking after me and is always hot and sweaty!!!


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