Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Sweet Moment in Time

P. S. I had my 39 week appointment today and the doctor says the baby should come any day now! He had me set up an appointment for next week "just in case," but doesn't think I'll need it...I guess we shall see!


  1. Ha! That's funny. I think if you don't have the baby within the week, you should totally sue the doctor for giving you false hope. Like he can tell when the baby will come...

    All the same, for your sake I do hope you have that little man sooner rather than later. It's nice to have them out and hear their lovely little wails (oh, I guess I meant to say see their darling little faces :).

  2. All of us here in Utah are waiting for the phone to ring with the news. The veil seems quite thin sometimes, doesn't it?

    Thanks for the great pictures and video clips.


    Grandpa Brady


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