Wednesday, October 12, 2011

40 Weeks

Yes, today is my due date and we're still waiting for our little guy to make his appearance. The doctor was surprised to see me this morning, but alas! Here we are. Friday night as I was going to bed I started to feel contractions pick up. For 4 hours I had contractions 4 minutes apart! Sam and I enjoyed a movie (17 Miracles) during the wee hours of the morning as we monitored my contractions. Around 2 am I called the on-call doctor to see if I should come in to the hospital. She told me I sounded too calm to be in labor and that I should just take a warm shower and go to bed. I had to laugh about that one. Next time I'll remember to hyperventilate while I'm calling! :)

After 4 hours, though, the contractions completely stopped and I haven't had anything consistent since. That was a pretty mean trick my body played on me! I have been waiting anxiously ever since even though I hadn't even hit my due date yet. At least we know we'll get to meet our second little boy within a week or so! I have another doctor's appointment scheduled for next Wednesday (hopefully we won't need it) to set up an induction date if I haven't had the baby by then. Until this little guy decides to make his appearance, I guess I'll just enjoy being able to give Talmage 100% of my attention.


  1. Hey! You look pregnant!

    Hope it's soon!

  2. Yeah, she does look pregnant, but I think it's the white wavy line on the shirt... :)

  3. Maybe he's just another independent little boy, deciding ahead of time not to let us mix up or combine the 2 brothers, or their birthdays! ;-)


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