Friday, September 9, 2011


Talmage is such a social little boy. He is constantly talking about his friends and relating things that happened with them. He got to play with his buddy Sam a couple of times a week or two ago and still loves talking to me about how they ate grapes and crackers, shared, and hugged. Such a cute little duo!
Sam gives such enthusiastic hugs...Talmage's hugs have improved drastically since playing with Sam. :)
I made this magnet board to match Talmage's room (which is a work-in-progress). I got the piece of sheet metal from a metal supply store for $7 and I got the wood to mount it on from Home Depot in the clearance bin for $1. They even cut it to size for me for free! I added a few coats of clear spray paint to the metal and covered the board in matching fabric and now it is just waiting to be hung. It's a huge hit for just about any kid that comes to play!
The boys got along so well.
The following day I recruited them to help clean the house. :)
They are two of the best little helpers around!
And as a side note, Talmage has recently become even more obsessed with cleaning. He now likes eating with a wet cloth nearby so he can wipe off his hands and face between each bite and will also wipe up accidental spills. :)


  1. Woah, seriously? Maybe he could teach Peter a thing or two. Peter loves to get his hands all covered with something sticky and then rub them in his hair. Such funny boys!

  2. Wow. Wiping between each bite sounds a little obsessive compulsive...

  3. Okay those are some cute pictures. I'm stealing all of them. Thanks for teaching Sam about friends, sharing and even cleaning. LOL.


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