Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trouble with the Door

Yesterday started off beautifully when Talmage decided to sleep in until 7:00. Like most pregnant women, I am plagued with horrible sleep issues and am always grateful for the opportunity to sleep in a little. Sam usually leaves for his lab by about 6:00 am, and this day was no different. I woke up and saw him off and then blissfully went back to sleep. Not only did Talmage sleep in until 7:00, but then he decided to play happily in his room for over an hour!
In the meantime, I woke up and did a couple of things and then decided to go down and see him. My heart sank as I tried to turn the doorknob to his room, however, and it wouldn't budge. He had locked himself in his room! "Talmage?" I called. "Can you unlock the door?" I heard his little voice call back, "Yeah!" and the doorknob started to wiggle around. But he didn't quite get things taken care of as he needed to and I realized I was going to have to take further action.
I got a screwdriver and took off the doorknob. Out peeked Talmage's eyes...he had drug his little chair over to the door, was standing on it, and kept sticking his fingers through the doorknob hole and looking out at me while shouting, "Help, please? Stuck!" (I hope you can get this humorous image in your mind!) I fidgeted with the lockbar going through the hole but was unable to get the door to open. As Talmage grew more urgent (although he was a trooper through the whole ordeal) and I grew more anxious, I called my dad who seems to know how just about everything works. :) I sent him a picture of the door and began shoving Talmage bits of a granola bar through the hole to keep him calm while my dad talked me through a few things to try.
Finally, after almost half an hour of working on the door, we got it open! Talmage and I were very relieved and I had a good laugh over the whole situation. I guess we'll need to put his doorknob on backwards so we can control the lock. :)


  1. Ha Ha! What an adventure! But I'm surprised that your doorknobs don't work like ours where you can just poke a pen in the little hole and unlock it that way ...

    Also, I laughed at the irony of this - we put a child lock on the inside of Peter's bedroom door so he can't get out after we put him to bed (and other times when I'm not feeling especially patient and just need ten minutes to clean up a disaster without it growing in the process, mean mom that I am:)). You have to work to get your son OUT of his room.

  2. Dad told me they should, but I tried it later with another doorknob and it didn't work...these doorknobs have little knobs on them that you twist to lock instead of a button to push. Maybe I'm just spastic though. Probably. :)

    And, although I didn't write it, turning the doorknob around would allow us to lock him in his room too. :) He's usually pretty good to stay put, but the other day he came out, unlocked the deadbolt and opened the front door! I bought bar locks at Home Depot today to put up high on the door. Things get scary when toddlers can open doors, huh??

  3. I seriously love this story. I am still laughing about it. :)

  4. I'm glad that you and Talmage got the door unlocked!


    Grandpa Brady


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