Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Al'ost Twooo

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Few Funny Talmage Moments

Talmage is starting to get to the age where he is saying and doing really funny things on occasion. Here are some recent ones:

-Talmage was eating grapes just about as fast as I could wash them today. I said, "Are you a little grape head?" He said, "Yeah!" and then set a grape on the top of his head with a grin.

-We love playing "what comes next" with songs--especially Primary songs. I sang, "I looked out the window and what did I see?" and waited for Talmage to say, "Popcorn." Instead he got a sly smile on his face and said, "Bananas!"

-Talmage has a friend at Church named Jakob. (He also happens to be built just like Talmage and almost exactly a year older, so we get some great hand-me-downs! Thanks Diana!) Today we were listening to a CD and a song came on about how everyone needs a friend. Talmage started dancing around, singing in a high-pitched voice, "Friend...friend...Jakob...friend...Jakob!"

-I had to go to a Relief Society activity on Saturday morning while Sam needed to go to a court of honor for some young men in our ward. He took Talmage and then when they were going to go home he came in to say good-bye to me. Talmage was sitting on the floor, eating a muffin when he started saying, "Die! Die! DIE!" Come to find out, Sam had been talking to him about the Plan of Salvation on the way to the Church and started trying to explain what it was when someone dies. Apparently Talmage latched onto that word and randomly started hollering it at people!

-He will often play in his room for up to an hour before falling asleep for his nap. This sometimes means emptying his bookcase and messing around with his CD player. The other day I started hearing Mexican music playing through the baby monitor. He had somehow turned on the radio to that station and when I went down to fix it he was in his room dancing.

-His prayers are so cute. He insists on praying for anything and everything including: sugar, the vacuum, the Kindle, duckies, birds, penguins, flowers, circles, lights, uh-oh, airplanes, etc. He also says some really sweet ones like the Holy Ghost, prayers, Heavenly Father, Jesus, nursery, scriptures, church, etc.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Natural Consequences

Sam and I are big on natural consequences. Not that we don't ever discipline Talmage, but we try to let things take their natural course when it seems prudent. The other day at dinner Talmage wanted the water pitcher to drink out of instead of his cup. We let him, thinking the very full pitcher would spill and he would realize it wasn't a good option and that a cup works much better. We had to chuckle when our approach backfired on us and Talmage had no problem whatsoever with drinking straight out of the pitcher! It was then that we had to step in and explain why he shouldn't drink out of the pitcher. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's Fun to be Poor!

One good thing about being on a tight student budget is that it encourages a lot of creativity in the dates and other activities we do as well as gifts we give. One time we each had a few dollars to spend at the dollar store and were assigned various courses of a dinner to buy. We ended up with quite the array of funny dollar store food for dinner, which we enjoyed at the park! A few weeks ago we went to Whole Foods and took advantage of the many cheese samples they had out, ate some goat cheese/tomato/pesto pizza (SO yummy), and got a few ounces of cashew butter, almond butter, and pecan butter to try at home. Sometimes it ends up that we weren't able to arrange a babysitter, so we have stay-at-home dates, like this one:
My sister brought us back these dinosaur models from her mission in Taiwan and we had never put them together. So the other night Sam picked up a sampler or Taco Bell's dollar menu items and we enjoyed our food and then raced to assemble our awesome T-Rex models. (Thanks, Breanne!) Another time recently we had a candlelit dinner of waffles and enjoyed a documentary afterwards. Once we went to IKEA and had a little scavenger hunt where we tried to find random items on our lists.
I could go on, but the point is just that when you're determined to find good, inexpensive fun, the options are endless!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 Weeks

Here we are at 30 weeks! This is yet another awkward picture...I'm grateful for the ones we took with Talmage, so I guess I'll be glad to have these ones too, no matter how awkward I look.
-This baby has the exact same active period Talmage did--right around 9:30 pm he will start kicking and squirming like crazy and continue for an hour or so, but he is pretty still for the rest of the day.
-I'm always wanting cold, fresh fruit and yummy drinks like juice or smoothies. With Talmage I always wanted cold cereal and ice cream, so this is an improvement. :)
-Talmage loves accompanying me to my doctor's appointments. Almost every time we get in the car he asks hopefully, "Doctor?" He is very intrigued by the whole process.
-The pregnancy-induced sinusitis has eased up and my senses of taste and smell have returned!
-I'm keeping busy with projects I want to get done before the baby comes, which is making the time go by pretty quickly. We are so excited to be a family of four! Although Talmage is very used to being the center of attention, I'm thinking he'll adjust well. I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trouble with the Door

Yesterday started off beautifully when Talmage decided to sleep in until 7:00. Like most pregnant women, I am plagued with horrible sleep issues and am always grateful for the opportunity to sleep in a little. Sam usually leaves for his lab by about 6:00 am, and this day was no different. I woke up and saw him off and then blissfully went back to sleep. Not only did Talmage sleep in until 7:00, but then he decided to play happily in his room for over an hour!
In the meantime, I woke up and did a couple of things and then decided to go down and see him. My heart sank as I tried to turn the doorknob to his room, however, and it wouldn't budge. He had locked himself in his room! "Talmage?" I called. "Can you unlock the door?" I heard his little voice call back, "Yeah!" and the doorknob started to wiggle around. But he didn't quite get things taken care of as he needed to and I realized I was going to have to take further action.
I got a screwdriver and took off the doorknob. Out peeked Talmage's eyes...he had drug his little chair over to the door, was standing on it, and kept sticking his fingers through the doorknob hole and looking out at me while shouting, "Help, please? Stuck!" (I hope you can get this humorous image in your mind!) I fidgeted with the lockbar going through the hole but was unable to get the door to open. As Talmage grew more urgent (although he was a trooper through the whole ordeal) and I grew more anxious, I called my dad who seems to know how just about everything works. :) I sent him a picture of the door and began shoving Talmage bits of a granola bar through the hole to keep him calm while my dad talked me through a few things to try.
Finally, after almost half an hour of working on the door, we got it open! Talmage and I were very relieved and I had a good laugh over the whole situation. I guess we'll need to put his doorknob on backwards so we can control the lock. :)
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