Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Season of Birthdays

In my family, the three of us kids that are married all happened to marry people whose birthdays fall within a couple of weeks of our own! Sam's birthday is May 26th, and mine is June 13th. Among the highlights of this year's birthday season is the fact that Sam is now 26 and old enough he doesn't have to be part of the draft anymore. :)
We celebrated Sam's birthday with a couple of fiercely competitive games of croquet in the backyard...
(Here we are after the games)
...a birthday dinner consisting of chicken alfredo, strawberry spinach salad, Brazilian lemonade, and watermelon...
(Even Talmage--our little pasta hater--approved of this kind!)
...yummy Oreo cake...
...with lots of cream cheese frosting...
...and an Oreo fudge filling...
...and some new shoes.
We also had a great time on my birthday, although I slacked on the pictures. Sam took care of dinner (complete with an ice cream cake), brought me lilies and a card, gave me a new CD, and set up plans to follow our tradition of seeing an IMAX film around my birthday! Our first date was on June 14, 2008, and we went to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake and saw an IMAX film. The next year we were married and did the same thing to celebrate my birthday. The year after that we were here in Houston, so we went to the Museum of Natural Science and saw a movie at the IMAX theatre there. This year we have to take a rain check for a week or two due to scheduling issues, but we'll get there eventually!
Our families were incredibly generous as well. We got numerous gifts including a Kindle and a canner with canning supplies! I'm so excited to bottle peaches this year. All in all, we had a great time. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness!


  1. love that cake. It's beautiful!

  2. that cake does look very wonderful! I am glad you enjoyed your birthday, even though you were a little sick. :(

  3. kaitlyn, you should put the recipe for that cake on the recipe blog. i'll definetly have to try it!:)


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