Monday, May 30, 2011

Ward Crawfish Boil

Crawfish is all the rage here--continually advertised in restaurants, in grocery stores, on street corners, etc. Sam and I don't like fish at all, but when our ward was holding a crawfish boil, we decided to join in the fun. The whole thing seemed rather...uncivilized to me, but it was fun to experience!
This description gets a little graphic, so if you get queasy with stuff like that, you might not want to read it. But evidently they take buckets and buckets of live crawfish and boil them up with potatoes, sausage, corn, and Cajun seasonings. Then they dump them in big piles on newspaper-lined tables and everyone digs in with their hands, using a communal dipping bowl to add more flavor. To eat the actual crawfish, you twist the head/abdomen portion off from the tail portion (then the die-hards suck out the juices/brains?) and then peel away the hard outer shell from the meat of the tail. All in all, it's a lot of work to get a piece of meat about the size of a small shrimp. Then you dip it in the sauce and pop it in your mouth! It tastes kind of bland and has a rubbery texture. One was enough for Sam and me, but many people had huge mountains of crawfish parts in front of them!
Did I mention it's held outside? Yes, the mess this kind of activity generates is best dealt with in the parking lot. And then mischievous little boys can chase frightened girls with crawfish in hand to their hearts' content.
I was a little nervous. Not only do I hate fish, but these are actually more closely related to insects than fish, which made it so much worse. Their little antenna are still intact, and their beady little eyes stare at you, large pincers at the ready. They looked so...alive! I half expected it to start squirming in my hand and pincing me as I tried to wrench the little creature in half. Yuck.
Talmage quickly grabbed one and stuck it in his mouth, hard shell and all. The Cajun seasonings they cook them in are pretty spicy, so he wasn't too thrilled about things.
His reaction got lots of laughter from those around us.
I guess we're true southerners now that we have had the crawfish experience!

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  1. I kind of wish I had been a part of this. Looks like a real thrill. Love the look on Talmage's face! Just a few more experiences like this and you guys will be "real" Texans, right? :)


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