Thursday, May 5, 2011

Amazon Mom

All you mothers of small children out there, have you heard of Amazon Mom? It's completely free to sign up, and by doing so you get 3 months of free 1-2 day shipping! Not only that, but you can extend the free shipping benefit by one month each time you order at least $25 of goods from Baby gear is discounted, too!

If you use their subscribe & save program on diapers, you can get Pampers or Huggies for just $0.15/diaper! Walmart's standard price on Pampers is $0.25/diaper. I just bought 176 Pampers diapers for $27.24.

We have really benefited from using Amazon Mom, so I thought I would pass along that information. I'm not being paid by Amazon to advertise for them. :)

You can get more information here.


  1. That sounds great Kaitlyn! I am happy for you. That's a good deal!

  2. Woohoo! Thanks for the heads up! Is Sunday an okay time to call you? Or will Sam be home for Mother's Day?

  3. More posts! Even just an occasional picture is ok...just so we know you guys are still alive...


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