Friday, March 4, 2011

Talmage's Favorite Books

Talmage often runs up to me, book(s) in hand begging "sha-shee! sha-shee!" (story! story!) I think we could read books all day. He loves them so much! I thought I would share a few of his favorites with you. The titles are linked to more information about each book, for those interested. Just click on the title.

Ahh, Bugillions, what would we do without you? I do crazy voices for each of the bugs, and Talmage loves to open it up and read it to me, imitating the crazy voices himself. Such great entertainment!

Touchy Feely Trucks--he loves rubbing the different textures and saying either, "soft, soft, soft" (in a whisper) or "rough."

Peek-a Who? His very first favorite book. It's a perfect one for younger babies, and it hasn't grown old yet.

Nursery Rhymes-he loves the slightly raised illustrations on each page.

Noisy Peekaboo! With animal sounds that echo through the room when the right flap is lifted and baby finds the animal, who wouldn't love this one?

Counting, Lift-the-Flap, and animals...Who's Hiding on the Farm combines several favorites into one.

He loves the books in the bright baby series. With just one word on each page and a coordinating photo, they're great for learning new words.

The 10 Color Book by William Accorsi is a source of joy and frustration, depending on how quickly he can get the plastic shapes to fit into their places in the book. They click into the front cover, too!

The Seek and Slide series is another favorite. Rather than having flaps to lift up, these books feature windows with sliding covers that reveal different animals underneath.

(sorry about the picture was hard to find a decent one of this book)
The Colors book from the Fish and Friends series by Paul Dronsfield. Each page says something like, "The Octopus is purple...Which sock is purple?" featuring a large purple octopus with socks of varying colors. I would read it to Talmage, and after each question I would say, "That one," pointing to the correct image. He started imitating it a while back, pointing to the page and saying, "That one!" He doesn't always point to the right one, but it's a good start!


Book of Mormon Stories, put out by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He loves his nightly reading of these illustrated scriptures.


The Gospel Art Book is a favorite for him. Just don't try to open to a page and stay there--if you want it to hold his interest, he must be holding it and having control over page turning.

I'm so grateful Talmage enjoys reading so much! I come from a family of bookworms, and it is so great to see him headed the same direction. Reading to him each day affords me the opportunity to cuddle up with my boy on my lap, something that seldom happens otherwise with his hyper, energetic personality!


  1. Ooohhh! Where do you find such great books?! I'm definitely going to find a few of these. Reading is such fun!

    I don't know what it is, but Peek-a-Who really speaks to little ones. That was Peter's first favorite too, and it's still in the top five. He actually reads it himself now; it's so cute to hear him say "Pee-a" and then make the sounds. Another classic is "Goodnight Moon." It totally captures a child's world, and he loves it.

  2. Might I also suggest the nursery manual. Peter knows right where it is on the shelf and he grabs it saying, "Jesus" almost every day. The other day he sat on my lap while I literally turned every single page and read the title of the lesson and then summarized the story of the picture on the next page. When I finished, he asked for it again.

  3. I wish I had a child so I could read him/her these awesome books.

    Actually, maybe I will just read them to myself. :)

  4. We love books at our house too so I am going to have to try some of these because I am always up for finding new food books. Some of our favorites are Little Pea (and other books by this author), and Is Your Mama a Lama?

  5. Chicken Dust--I know we're spoiled, but we almost all the books we have for Talmage have been given to us. Right before he was born, a couple in our ward went through their toys and got out a whole bunch that their kids had outgrown and gave them to us...included were about 30 books or so. :) Some of these have been given to him as gifts as well, and I always try to pick up new books at garage sales.

  6. Wow, I'm so happy that he already loves books, just like his dad!


    Grandpa Brady


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