Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More on Drawing

Drawing. It's what gets Talmage through Sacrament Meeting quiet and happy. It's what keeps him occupied throughout much of the day. It's what I know could allow me to get a lot done, but instead glues my eyes to my sweet boy's curious hands that like to experiment on the wall a little too much. It's currently his activity of choice.
And regular pencils, as shown in this picture, no longer suffice. He knows pens are cooler, and colored pencils are the best. And how can I deny him these messier alternatives when he flat-out denies the pencil, looks pleadingly up at me, and repeats "please" over and over? Ah, the life of a toddler. Such a fun stage!
The problem with drawing, however, is that most people stay still while doing it. Talmage does not like to be still at all, so he devised a way to draw while wandering around the house.
He would hold the paper against his chest and draw on it as he walked around.
Then things got a bit too quiet. Fearing the wall was suffering more damage, I glanced down the stairs and found this:
Nope, not asleep--just one of the sweetest sights ever! He was happily drawing there on the landing.
He had to keep moving, though, so he rolled steamroller-style to the opposite end of the landing...
...and then back. Watching him entertain himself down there was positively heart-warming.


  1. Talmage gets through Sacrament Meeting quiet and happy??!!!

    Looks like he is going to be as efficient as I try to be. You sure are training him young! :)

  2. Pretty much the cutest post ever! Love this!

    And I echo Breanne on the Sacrament Meeting thing...if only.

  3. I guess "quiet and happy" is a bit of an exaggeration. It's that whole sitting still thing that puts a wrinkle in that picture. If I would let him wander around and draw, he would definitely be happy through the entire meeting. However, last week I didn't have to take him out once! That's progress!

    He still squeals, "DADDY!!!" when Sam gets up to conduct, and that gets some smiles.

    P.S. Breanne, I often think of you when I am trying to deal with If we can channel it so he uses it to do good things (as you have), we'll be in great shape. :)

  4. Hmnnn... a drawing pad with a stiff back, like they sell in the school supply aisle...maybe lined paper to write letters and words...since Talmage loves drawing so much...

    Many of my favorite, most cherished prophecies, entail future translations and writings. I've often wondered who would have a role in fulfilling those things...I keep thinking about such prophecies when I think of our Talmage.

    Anyway, I thought it was time to give voice to my thoughts rather than to keep them to myself, where they won't do much good, if any.


    Grandpa Brady


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