Friday, March 11, 2011

Early Learning

There are some things Talmage has learned that frankly shock me. He understands so much of what we say these days. The other day I told him we would go get in the car after we said our prayers and I got him dressed and such. We went about the morning routine, and about 20 minutes later he said "Amen" to his prayer and proceeded to jump off my lap, run to the garage door, and stand there waiting to go outside. I was amazed that he understood that we would leave after we prayed, for one thing, and then that he remembered during the 20 minutes or so we were doing other things!
For the last couple of months he has loved counting and saying ABCs (or his adorable versions of counting and ABCs). Often when I am telling my piano students the notes ("A, A, C, G, E...") Talmage will chime in with letters too! If he is feeling cooperative I can stop at various parts of the alphabet song and he will fill in the blank. He loves counting--especially counting dramatically to a big climactic THREE and running into things or "jumping" off of small objects (uhhhh, teee-ooooh.................................DEE!).
And oh boy, is he ever opinionated. He has an opinion on pretty much everything, and if things aren't going the way he wanted them to, watch out! He is so determined. Anyway, I could go on for ages, but the point is that I am just amazed at how capable babies/toddlers are! Of course I tend to think my boy is pretty amazing, but I know that the things he can do and say aren't really all that uncommon among tiny children, and that fact is downright stunning. They are such sponges! I have much I can learn from him and other little children.
There are a couple of things he has learned that aren't that surprising though...
#1: Licking the beaters is one of life's best simple pleasures:
Mmm-hmm. After I let him lick one of the beaters from some egg-less banana muffins I was making, the rest was history. He urgently begs for the beaters every time he sees them used.
#2: How to absolutely melt Mommy's heart. Oh wait...he was born with that ability!
Sick of seeing that drool-soaked collar yet? It appears in almost every picture. Maybe, just maybe, he won't be teething for the next 6 months? His teeth come in so slowly!


  1. What an adorable face on that last picture. I wish I could hear Talmage in with the letters!! :)

  2. He melts Grandma Sue's heart, too! He is charmer, for sure! . . . like his Daddy and Mama!


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