Friday, March 25, 2011

A Hard Working Boy

As I've mentioned before, Talmage loves to help with any and every chore. His recent love is taking the trash out. Rather than having city-owned big, black trash cans, we are just supposed to put our bagged trash on the curb two times per week for the trucks to pick up. Talmage loves helping me take out the bags of trash and hauling the trash can back to the garage. :)
Check out that proud grin! He was showing me a cool rock he found.
Off to add his bag to the heap
"Huff, puff, huff, puff, concentrate!" He gets so into pulling in the trash and it brings the biggest smile to my face! I wish you could all see him do it!


  1. So why do you have a big black trash can?

    I love his shirt.

  2. Same question.

    And let's harness that chore-doing enthusiasm. Peter will interrupt breakfast with an emphatic "chore, chore!" if we empty the milk jug during the meal. I try to tell him that he can wait a few minutes to take it out, but he must do his chore NOW.

  3. We bought that trash can a while after we moved in to keep in the garage. That way we don't have to wait until trash day to take out trash. So it's not a city owned one that they'll empty--it's just a way to keep the trash from piling up inside. We still have to set out all the bags on the curb.


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