Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sam and I love documentaries. In fact, on our first date we went and saw a documentary at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake! Currently there isn't much time to sit down and enjoy a full-length documentary together, but NOVA makes little 3-7 minute features that we like to watch when we get a few free minutes. One evening we watched one about snail slime and how some synthetic material that mimics its behavior may be used in medicine. It becomes gel-like when pressure is applied, but it is hard without pressure. I mentioned to Sam that it was like ooblik (cornstarch and water mixture), except backwards. He had never had the singular privilege of playing with ooblik, so I quickly whipped up a batch and we had some fun with it!
I love this stuff!


  1. Hey! I forgot about that stuff! I bet Peter would love it - how do you make it again?

  2. Just mix cornstarch and water until it's a good consistency. Easy peasy! We wanted to play with it with Talmage, too, but he was in bed...maybe next time. :)

  3. Looks fun. I'll have to try it! (Coincidentally, I had already made a similar concoction this morning, but I ate it for breakfast.)


    Grandpa Brady


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