Thursday, February 24, 2011


Talmage has really gotten into drawing lately. He absolutely loves it! Unfortunately, I have cleaned up more than one mess of scribbling on the wall, but slowly he's learning that drawing is for paper and Sam and I are learning to keep pens and pencils far out of his reach. :)
He holds the pen in the cutest way! Instead of clutching it with his fist as expected, he always holds it with his thumb, first, and middle fingers:

It's a great source of entertainment! He stood at the couch in this position for 5-10 minutes drawing and talking up a storm.
In these pictures he's a lefty--we'll see if that holds out. Both Sam and I are right-handed, but unless I'm mistaken both of Sam's parents are left-handed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday I mentioned that Talmage goes around destroying things. While this is true, I also have to give him points for his obsession with cleaning. He absolutely loves to help me clean!
Here he is sweeping the floor...
...he makes sure to get under the stools.
He's very thorough about it, too.
Vacuuming is another favorite. On this day, he grabbed the extension hose from the real vacuum and started trying to attach it to his little toy one.

Other favorite jobs include wiping up the floor, picking up his toys, cleaning out the lint from the dryer, and throwing anything and everything away. He will throw away his dirty diapers, used dryer sheets, and other garbage for me. He will also throw away toys, cans of food, etc. if I leave the pantry door open where he can access the garbage can. We're working on learning what is garbage and what isn't, but for right now I'm quite pleased with his progress. :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Climber

Talmage has gotten to be quite the climber. Anything he can climb up on that makes him taller is just a thrill to him. One of his favorite spots is this end table. He takes the picture off (the glass has long since shattered...) and climbs up here several times each day, catapulting himself onto the couch from the table.
He's still teething--note the characteristic way he is holding his mouth.
He is such an early bird, often waking up before 6 am.
He does mornings a lot better than I do though! I wish I could wake up with as much energy as he does.
He does this hilarious routine where he clenches his teeth together, purses his lips, scrunches up his nose, and breathes loudly through his teeth. Hard to describe, but highly entertaining to watch! His banana isn't's just the lighting.
He also loves climbing up onto this toybox.
And of course, what good would it be to climb up onto things if he didn't throw everything off while he was up there? He can reach those decorative balls on the wall now too, so if I don't stop him he loves taking them down and chucking them all around the house.
Needless to say, he has gotten to be quite the little destroyer! Good thing he is so cute about it all... :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sam and I love documentaries. In fact, on our first date we went and saw a documentary at the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake! Currently there isn't much time to sit down and enjoy a full-length documentary together, but NOVA makes little 3-7 minute features that we like to watch when we get a few free minutes. One evening we watched one about snail slime and how some synthetic material that mimics its behavior may be used in medicine. It becomes gel-like when pressure is applied, but it is hard without pressure. I mentioned to Sam that it was like ooblik (cornstarch and water mixture), except backwards. He had never had the singular privilege of playing with ooblik, so I quickly whipped up a batch and we had some fun with it!
I love this stuff!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Every Wednesday 9 year old Cody comes over for a few hours. Talmage just adores him! The two play so sweetly together. Talmage calls him "Cokey." Cody refers to Sam as "Superman," since he looks like Clark Kent, and he refers to me as "Aunt Superman's Wife." No joke! And in case you're wondering, life as Superman's wife is bliss, plain and simple. :)

Smoothie Lover

Sometimes I trick this picky boy...
...into gobbling up a few servings of fruit... offering them in smoothie form!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rough Day

Guess what??
Daddy was taking the trash out to the curb on Wednesday morning, and I followed him out the door. Only I stepped my foot down off the step kind of funny and ended up doing a face plant on the concrete! My nose and forehead were bleeding and they attracted all kinds of attention. Boy oh boy did that hurt!
Word to the wise: don't try that one at home.
Then Mom gave me some yummy bread for lunch and went into the other room. She accidentally left the bag of bread where I could reach it if I leaned over really far, and I got it. When she came back, she saw that I had taken a few bites out of every piece of the bread and then thrown them all over the kitchen.
She just started laughing.
Then a few minutes later she was putting a load of laundry in the wash and I came over to get her help. I had gotten the dish soap and opened it and squirted a fun little puddle on the rug, but then I closed it and threw it, and when I tried to squirt more out it wouldn't come because I had broken the lid off inside the hole. That was so frustrating! I asked very nicely for her help when she was doing the laundry, but when she came over she just put the rug in the sink and started spraying water all over it and wouldn't let me squirt out more dish soap.
Life is hard when you're almost a year and a half old.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monkeyin' Around

Here are some more random pictures of our little monkey:
I got to help make costumes for the local high school musical production, and that involved sewing hula hoops into the bottom hems of some robes. Talmage thought the hula hoops were so fun to play with!
He's pretty much done with tearing the kitchen apart, but once in a while a sudden urge strikes him...
He is still completely a daddy's boy. He cries if I take him away from Sam!
Our little family
Watching the backyard lake form--we get it every time it rains much, and it takes days to dry up!
Talmage is still an incredibly picky eater. Yet once in a while he'll throw me a curve ball and absolutely love things like pomegranate seeds, peas, fresh pineapple, etc. (Maybe it has something to do with "p" foods?) Anyway, one night I was making a chicken garlic pizza and mixed up this ranch seasoned sour cream with a fair amount of minced garlic in it. He started begging for the bowl, and in a desperate attempt to keep him happy while I finished making dinner, I gave it to him. I figured he would try a lick and hate it since the garlic was so strong. Imagine my surprise when he sat and cleaned out the bowl! He even tipped it up to his mouth to try to lick it out (hence the big spot on his forehead and his little mustache from the bowl).
Another food he adores is yogurt.
Speaking of trying to keep him happy during dinner preparation, one night I opened the fridge and he climbed in to play with some of the food. I decided to just let him be for a minute or two. When I turned around to check on him, he was biting into Clementines, peel and all!
Then he would throw them on the floor.
I always break sandwich crackers, Oreo cookies, etc. in half, scrape out the filling with my teeth, and then eat the rest. A couple of months ago Talmage started into the same obsession. He always breaks them apart!
Running-somehow he looks so old to me in this picture!
I took him outside with his snack of animal crackers and milk. He thought it was funny to chew up the animal crackers and stick them through his lips, making them look like teeth (you can see it a lot better if you click on the picture).

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too Small for his Pants

It's not at all uncommon for me to find my skinny little man like this:
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