Thursday, December 16, 2010

Under the Sink

We did quite a bit of research on how to get rid of cockroaches when we lived in our apartment, and one of the things mentioned was that you should have a covered garbage can and it shouldn't be kept under the sink. Cockroaches love garbage cans for obvious reasons, and they love the humid environment created in the cupboard under the sink. We keep our covered garbage can in the pantry now, and since we have cleaners and things like that in a high cupboard Talmage can't get to, the cupboard under the sink is essentially empty. It's the perfect little play spot for Talmage.
He loves exploring things...pipes, cords, plugs, etc. Perhaps we have a future engineer in our midst?


  1. SO excited to see you guys in a few days!!!

  2. K, the first picture is ADORABLE! His little face smiling at you, and under the sink with the pipes in his suit is just classic! Plus, the divider down the middle of the doors makes it kind of look like one picture that you cut in the middle and separated with frames. Darling!


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