Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Current Obsessions

#1: Cell phones
Talmage still loves cell phones. He loves pressing the buttons, he loves "talking on the phone" (see how he holds it behind his shoulder to talk? so funny!), and he loves calling people. I'm sorry if he ever calls you. It's hard to find anything that entertains him as long as a cell phone, so I let him do his thing with it. :)

#2: The Screwtape Letters
This is currently Talmage's favorite book. I could have taken about a hundred pictures just like this--he loves to grab a copy of this C. S. Lewis classic and take it to his favorite spot in the house (this window), perch it on the windowsill, and flip through the pages as he observes the great outdoors.
#3: Drinking
He loves milk so much! The pediatrician told me to increase the amount of milk I give him and hopefully that will help him gain some weight. The trouble is, now all he wants to do is drink--water or milk--and now is content to fill up on milk alone and has all but stopped eating. Hmm...I guess we'll just keep adjusting.


  1. He can call me any time he wants.

    Love, love that his favorite book is The Screwtape Letters. :)

  2. He is so adorable. Where in the world did he get all those cute clothes?! Just kidding! Tell Talmage that he can call Jakob anytime he feels like it.

  3. In that book I have, Child of Mine, it says that given the chance, most toddlers would rather drink their meals instead of eating. Eventually they grow out of it, as long as you continue to put food in front of them and model good eating habits.

    Peter's started in on some toddler eating habits. He still is totally not picky, but some days he will eat only a bite or two at each meal, and not any of his snacks (imagine him turning down graham crackers or apples), and then other days it seems I can't make enough food fast enough for him. Ah, the world of toddlers.

    Also, I'm somewhat jealous of your windows. Peter likes to look out, but ours are too high so I have to lift him up. Instead he just walks over to the front door, turns the knob (thankfully he can't quite open it yet), and says "outs-uh" (his version of outside) all day long.

  4. I just have to mention that my last word verification was "bednest" Where do they come up with these?!

  5. I actually prefer to drink my meals, and I'm not even a toddler. Maybe some people never grow out of it.

    Chicken dust, Peter refuses food? I almost fell out of my chair with shock when I read that. :)


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