Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dishes, Okay, Yeah, and Hiccups

That title pretty much sums up these next few videos.
Here is Talmage helping me unload the dishwasher. His favorite things to do are help with the dishes, the laundry, sweeping, cooking, etc. I hope he always loves these tasks!

Here is Talmage enthusiastically demonstrating a couple of his favorite words.


I get really loud hiccups. I have been teased about them since I was little. Whenever I would get them at school, my teachers would stop class to try to eliminate the distraction. As much as I have been teased about my hiccups, I never thought a 13 month old would make fun of me for them! But here, Talmage laughs at my hiccups and then tries to imitate the noise himself.



  1. Oh man, these are great!

    I heard about Talmage's amazing cleaning skills - Ryan and I decided we need to get Talmage and Peter together - Peter can throw everything on the floor, and Talmage can walk around behind him picking it all up :).

    Love the little voice saying okay, okay, okay ... over and over. So cute!

    Video #3 is proof that you really do have to be careful around your kids, because they WILL copy everything you do or say. Be grateful at least that his copying your hiccups is a cute little squeal. Every time Peter sees my pitcher (the special one for you-know-what), he grabs it and starts making the most disgusting gagging/choking noises. It totally sounds real. Now that's just gross.

  2. Oh. my. goodness. I can't believe Peter copies your throwing up! That is hilarious!! I laughed right out loud.

  3. These videos are pretty much the cutest thing anybody has ever seen! I can't wait for you guys to visit again! :)

  4. Chicken Dust, sick about the pitcher. Wow. (And way to blow her cover, Kaitlyn! Just kidding :)

    I love the "ok." A-Dorable. And I love how he says "yeah" when you ask if he is making fun of you. So cute!

  5. Talmage is really talkative! It's so fun to hear and see him in action. He couldn't be cuter!


    Grandpa Brady


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