Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cute Stuff

Well, I'm getting close to being caught up. Here is yet another random collection of pictures!
Talmage loves biting his finger puppets! He always gets this big smile on his face when he bites them.
Begging for something...I don't think he realizes his manipulative power just yet. I'm in trouble when he does.
He loves his book Grandma Sue made for him!
We got to go to the Texas Special Olympics swimming meet and see a couple in our ward compete! Talmage was completely intent on the swimmers.
All together watching the swimming!
Adoring his daddy...as usual.
I love a good morning face!
The happy/sleepy combo is just too cute.
He is obsessed with "clicky" pens lately...he loves walking around clicking them. Today I found pen scribbles all over the windowsill in our room, though, so it looks like I'm going to have to either monitor him more closely when he has them or not let him play with them.
Eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Life is good.
"Are you sure about that, Mom?"
I'm not sure what was going on with his smile here...but it's just TOO CUTE, whatever it is!


  1. I love the picture posts! Such a cute face!

    P.S. Did Dad tell you he tattled on your son in church the other day? Something about a grandson who argues with his mom ... the Mays had to make sure that he wasn't talking about Peter.

  2. Haha, Mom did tell me about that little incident...I can't believe Talmage had to be the bad example. ;)


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