Monday, October 25, 2010

A Project

I accidentally ended up with these barstools due to a strange combination of events involving a garage sale, a toy phone, and 10 dollars. I wasn't a fan of how they looked, and they smelled awful! I have also been wanting to update our table and chairs for a while, so this provided the perfect motivation. So 16 cans of spray paint (glad they were only 94 cents! I had no idea it would take that much!), a bottle of varnish, some discounted fabric and a bunch of other stuff later instead of this...
and this...
we have this...
and this!
So fun!


  1. Love it. Those look much better! What did you do with the piano?

  2. SUPER CUTE! 16 cans, huh, who knew?

  3. We rearranged our living room a while back, so the love seat is under the window, the couch runs parallel to the kitchen counter (but a few feet away), and the piano is directly across from the couch against the wall. Hmm...hope that makes sense. It makes it feel a bit more homey!

    Thanks for your comments, you guys. It makes blogging a lot more satisfying when I get comments! :)

  4. That is actually why I comment on every single post. I know the thrill to see that someone has commented on your post. (Not that I check my blog every hour after I post to see if anyone has commented, or anything extreme like that... :)

    I like to imagine your new living room layout. I think I get it. Sounds great and a little more separated from "kitchen" to "living room."

  5. They look great. You are so very talented.

  6. Love the furniture! You are much more brave than I...there is no way I would use that fridge! :)

  7. Lynette-Actually, I think I am just much more poor than you...I didn't really have an option! Sick though, huh?


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