Saturday, September 11, 2010

Washer Woes

The look on Talmage's face pretty well sums up how I've been feeling about the washer the last little while. We bought our washer and dryer off of craigslist, because our new house didn't have any. I was told they both worked, and I got them for an amazing deal.
Or so I thought.
After a few loads of laundry, the washer stopped spinning! Come to find out, it seemed to need a new clutch--something that would have cost us more than the washer cost in the first place!
Today we went to a few different appliance stores and decided on getting a new washer, rather than a used one, to ensure it would work and keep working. We found a great deal on one, and they'll even deliver it for free on Monday as well as take away our old one!
Clean clothes are always nice, huh?


  1. I can't believe you put Talmage in the washer! At least it didn't have seedlings all over it...


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