Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Make You Smile

At least, they make me smile! Here are a few random pictures for you to enjoy:
Talmage surprisingly enjoys spicy food, like this southwestern macaroni dish with green chilies in it!

I love this one.
Playing with the gate at the top of the stairs--I was SO grateful when we got that! He thought it was the funniest thing EVER to run for the stairs and try to run off the edge before I could snatch him away!

That smile! Love!
Such a messy eater! Especially with yogurt!
Pondering a crenshaw melon...

Playing with a hanger...household objects are always more fun than toys.
He seems so tall and old to me, but when I see him across the room I realize how small he still is!
No, I didn't style his hair that was a natural result of his playing. :)
I love playtime with my boy...he is so much fun!


  1. So cute! Is that a tooth I see peeking out of the top? How many teeth does he have now?

    WHERE, or where did you find that gate?! That's the kind I was looking for, but we couldn't find one at any of the regular places (Walmart, Target, Lowe's...). Please share your secrets.

  2. He is such a cute little guy. These did make me smile. Thanks!

  3. Yes, he has two teeth on top and two on bottom, so just four total. I can't believe Peter has EIGHT! (Or at least, last I heard!) Craziness!

    We ordered the gate online from Walmart. I'm pretty sure this is the one we got:, but they have a ton of similar options. I'm not sure the landlord will be thrilled about the screw holes in the baseboards, but I'm sure it's nothing a little wood putty and some white paint can't fix. :)

    It has been working really well for us! It is nice, because you have to pull the trigger open AND lift the gate up an inch or so in order to open it, so kids who are too little to understand that they need to close the gate behind them are also too little to get it open alone. But it's still really easy to open with one hand for an adult. The opening is only about 15 inches wide, I believe, which is kind of a pain if you're trying to carry bags up the stairs or something, but certainly manageable. It doesn't close by itself, but it's nice because it swings both ways, and then if baby is sleeping or you're both going downstairs, you can just leave it open.

    I would say it has been VERY worth the money we paid for it. It seems to be pretty good quality, too. I think it does the job just as well as one of the more expensive ones would. And it has free shipping! At least it did when we ordered ours... I would highly recommend it. Good luck with it!

  4. Try ten...the better to bite you with, my dear...


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