Monday, September 6, 2010

Oldies, but Goodies

These are some old pictures from back before we moved. I never got around to posting them before, so I thought I would now even though they're about a month old.
Talmage LOVES emptying things. He does it as quickly as possible and then moves on to find something else to empty! Because of this, doing laundry with Mommy is a favorite job.
Early one morning he dumped a cup of water all over himself (a fairly common occurrence) and then thought it was hysterical when Sam balanced a cup on his head.
I'm pretty sure he was figuring out Einstein's theory of relativity here.
Just being silly
He loves this little rocking dog some people in our ward gave us!


  1. LOVE the thinking picture. And that dog is darling!

    Question: What do you do with all of Talmage's big toys? I'm afraid I'm constantly moving the things that don't fit in Peter's toybox because they always seem in the way...

  2. Um...he actually doesn't have many big toys. He had quite a few that people gave us, and I kept them in the closet. But he didn't seem to enjoy playing with them all that much, so I got rid of them. I still keep the rocking dog in the closet, at least for now. He honestly doesn't like toys very much...maybe we just don't have that many fun toys? We pretty much just have what people have given us. They keep him entertained for a few minutes, tops, but then he's done. What kind of toys does Peter love?

  3. Stacking cups, and a little gumball-type machine that he got for Christmas from grandma (put the balls in the top, push a lever, and they slide down to the bottom, take them out, and start all over - he loves that he can do it himself now, and so do I), and anything that spins (we got him a little abacus, and he loves spinning the beads), and cars or trucks or wagons, and blocks, and puzzles, and books for sure. He actually really likes toys, and most of ours aren't fancy. If I'm cooking in the kitchen he wants to be right at my feet of course, but if we're just playing in his room he really has fun with his toys.

    The closet's a good idea. I'll have to reorganize it; right now it's full of the baby cradle, infant tub, boxes of too-small clothes, and other stuff, but I bet I could make it work. Don't know why I didn't think of that...duh!

  4. These are all fantastic pictures! I can't imagine why, but I've been kinda busy this last week, so more later from me. Thanks again for all the great pictures!

    -Grandpa Brady-


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