Friday, July 2, 2010

Some Stories and Some News

First of all, I have a bunch of pictures to post, but this week has been CRAZY and we're leaving tomorrow morning to go to Utah for a week! So I'll have to play catch-up when we get back.

Second, we have been fighting the cockroaches valiantly for a week now, and our efforts are starting to pay off. We've been living off cold cereal and PB&J sandwiches, eating in our bedroom, and killing them like crazy through various means, but I think they're starting to go away at least a little bit. We have had some pretty disgusting experiences with them, but I'll spare you the details. However, a couple of minutes ago I was on the computer and felt a tickle on my arm. Sure enough, one of the little beasts was crawling on me!

Which brings me to my next item of business. We actually owe the cockroaches a huge thank you, because as a result of their infestation we started looking for a new place to live (Did you know they can cause salmonella, dysentery, and other awful diseases? We were ready to move on...), and we found the most amazing place for us! We absolutely love it, it has room to grow, we got an incredible deal on it, the location is's just all around AMAZING for us! It truly is such a blessing, and we can't wait to move in. I am more than ready to start using a kitchen again without critters scurrying away from me every time I open a cupboard, the dishwasher, the fridge, etc.

Talmage has also learned how to stand independently now! He can stand for about 30 seconds before he gets a smile on his face and dives into my lap. :) He also took his first step without losing his balance on Wednesday! He is going to be so happy when he can walk--it drives him crazy that he can't get to what he wants by himself.

And last of all, a funny story. Last night we went out on a little date (since I'm leaving early in the morning for Utah, and Sam is coming out on Tuesday), so we went to get some gelato at this little gelato shop called Paciugo. They had all kinds of interesting flavors (Have you ever tried "Olive Oil and Black Pepper" gelato? It's very unique...), and one of the flavors was "Bailey's." The worker was giving us samples of whatever we asked about, and I said, "What's Bailey's?" He said, "It's actual Bailey's." I stared at him with a blank expression. He said, "Bailey's liquor..." with a "no-duh" tone of voice as he reached down to get me a sample. I was so startled I essentially screamed out, "Nononononono, I don't want a sample of that one!" He just gave me a strange look and moved on to the next flavor. So now you know, if you see something called "Bailey's," it may contain liquor. You've been warned.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!

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