Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Belated Birthdays

I have been doing blog posts to give birthday shout outs to my side of the family. But I was in Utah on my brother's birthday, and the upload picture function wasn't working on my mom's birthday. So I decided to do the posts anyway...

Happy birthday to my brother Corban! I always call him with my questions about cars, appliances, and other "fix-it" or "consumer savvy" topics. He always gives sound advice and is always very generous with his time. I appreciate his know-how so much! I hope your birthday was fantastic, and I'm glad we could be there to help celebrate. Or just eat your birthday dinner. Either way, I'm glad we were there. :)
And happy birthday to my mom! This was pretty much the only somewhat recent picture I have of my mom and I together. That's demonstrative of the kind of person she is--always doing so much work behind the scenes, never expecting rewards or praise. She has put her whole heart and soul into raising a righteous family, and I see her influence in my life every day. I'm so grateful I have been blessed to have her as my mom! Happy birthday!

Love you both!

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