Thursday, June 24, 2010


Now that Talmage is cruising along the furniture and walking while holding onto our fingers, he is pretty dissatisfied unless he is doing one of the two things. I set him down at the edge of the loveseat, and within seconds he walks down the length of the loveseat, turns the corner, walks down the length of the couch, and starts playing with his swing. He almost always goes to his swing and starts playing with it, throwing frequent glances over his shoulder to make sure he can still see me.

See his hand on his swing?
He'll play with it backwards, too...


  1. LOVE the backwards picture - such a cute face and posture!

  2. Hi Talmage -

    I'm glad you're working out and getting in shape so that you can impress your uncle Joseph when he comes home from his mission next week. You're really going to wow all of us in Utah!


    Grandpa Brady


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