Friday, July 24, 2009

Duck Date

Sam and I went on a date to Paul Ream Wilderness Park. This park has some memories tied to it-when I was a year old, my family came here and fed the ducks. We have it on a family home video, and it is the funniest thing...while everyone else is intently feeding the ducks, I am wandering off, dancing around a tree, nonchalantly eating the piece of bread that was intended for the ducks. I haven't changed much...I'm still in my own little world.
So we went on a date back to that park! It was so much fun. This time I actually gave the ducks the bread.




A bunch of kids came up, and Sam had the thoughtful idea to go ask if they wanted some bread! The first little boy he asked said yes (you can see him just to the left of Sam), but he misunderstood, and when Sam gave it to him he started eating it! Sam quickly told him he could feed it to the ducks...a wise move considering it was moldy bread! The kids thought it was the coolest thing!
I love how everyone is lined up in this picture.
This is our friend mohawk duck. You can call him Mo.

After we fed the ducks and had a picnic, we played with our giant frisbee.

Good times!

Professional Certificate for Having A Baby

My sister presented Sam and I with this certificate (she's 10). It is so cute! If you click on it, you can read the paragraph on it, which is actually quite profound. She is such a thoughtful girl.
We are so excited for our little Baby Brady! It is so thrilling to wonder what he looks like, what his personality is like, how our lives will change, and what it will be like to be parents! Each of his little kicks and movements just fills me with anxious anticipation.
I hope he looks like Sam:
So cute, huh?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Volcanic Pizza

It all started when we pretty much ran out of food...we were long overdue for a grocery trip, and we didn't have much for dinner. No milk, no cereal, so our standard was no longer an bread, so sandwiches were out of the question. No meat to speak of, so anything involving meat was a no go. Fruit and vegetables? Gone. Our fridge was pretty much empty except for a packet of pizza sauce, some cheese, and Sam's favorite--onions.
The best thing to do seemed to be to make a pizza! We had flour, yeast, etc. I began to work on the bread dough when we ran out of flour, too! I thought it would be fine, even though the dough was more like cookie dough than bread dough. However, apparently the yeast overreacted with it, and it rose like crazy! We decided it wouldn't hurt to try making the pizza anyway, so we dumped the dough into a pan with 2 inch sides, topped it with sauce, cheese, and onions, and plopped it in the oven.
20 minutes or so later, the timer went off. Sam opened the oven and started laughing. I went into the kitchen, where I too began giggling sheepishly. You see, our pizza kind of turned into...well...


A GIANT MESS!!! Our poor oven is in desperate need of a cleaning now. We ate the pizza anyway, and it was surprisingly good! It actually filled Sam up! We even got to take massive slices of pizza to school and work the next day for lunch. Maybe we'll make volcanic pizza sometime again...but I think next time we'll put a cookie sheet underneath it to catch the stuff that boils over!

Too Bright!

Lately I have been falling asleep in the middle of homework assignments or other responsibilities...quite a while before I am done with them. (Okay, let's be honest...this isn't exactly a recent development...) Anyway, one such night I had fallen asleep, and a little while later I woke up to see Sam, standing on the bed, diligently working on this:
I was quite certain I must still be asleep. I tend to be very disoriented when I initially wake up (Sam has fun with that), and I was sure I was imagining things. What could my husband be doing taping a colander to the ceiling?
A few seconds later, however, I was still seeing it, and I concluded it was real. When I asked Sam groggily, "What are you doing?" He said, "Isn't that better?" The colander softened the light's intensity by about 30%. I guess it was just too bright for him!
Too bad the packing tape didn't stick to the ceiling very well...maybe from now on he'll just have to try my technique and fall asleep before the light seems too bright. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Manti Pageant!

Sam and I went to the Manti Pageant! It is a pageant about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that is put on each year at the LDS temple in Manti, Utah. You can learn more about it by visiting We took my younger brother and sister and had a campout!
Here is the Manti temple:

We made the trip down to Manti and got there just in time to set up the tent at our site and hurry over to the pageant, where we set up our blankets on the lawn and enjoyed the show!
Sam is such a watchful driver.
When I called the day before we left to make a reservation for a campground, it seemed every place was full! One man started chuckling and said, "Young lady, you are calling about six months too late." I guess the hundreds of thousands that flock to Manti for the pageant fill up the campgrounds. He was nice, however, and let us schedule a spot. We showed up to discover that we were merely setting up our tent with a bunch of others in his yard! It worked out really well, though. My brother and sister loved playing with the animals and on the trampoline, and the grassy area was nice to play on. We even got to listen to a chorus of turkeys and a rooster all night long! :)

Sam played Keep Away with Avalon and Bronson the next morning.


He decided to make it more challenging by laying down on the grass until Bronson would drop kick it.

Avalon discovered a new friend she found a little bit more interesting than football...

He is getting to be quite the drop-kicker.
After some fun outside, it started to rain! We took shelter in the tent and decided to play some games.

Here they are playing "Spaz Uno."

We also enjoyed some snacks. We didn't eat the apples, which had turned bright yellow-orange despite my attempts to keep them from oxidizing!
We did, however, eat some saltwater taffy. It turned their tongues blue!
After the rain stopped, we packed up the tent and other things and headed home. Sam has a lot of relatives in Fairview, Utah, which we drive through in order to get home. Look what we saw! They have a road named after them!
All in all, it was a fun trip that made us excited to go on more family excursions in the future.

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